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Welcome to Manor tiling we provide a full a professional service for our customers from planning and designing your job through to completion of the job, we supply and fix or just supply if that’s all you require.

With 20 years experience in ceramic and natural stone tiling in the London, Essex and Hertfordshire areas, we are experts in domestic and commercial tiling.

Quality workmanship and use of the finest materials are our trademarks. Professionalism, attention to detail and a satisfying customer experience are key to our success.

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Your bathroom or wetroom is in daily use and when designed right it can be a really good way to add that wow factor to your home. It is amazing what a difference the tiles in your home can make, weather it be a half tiled bathroom or complete floor to ceiling adding the right tiles is a essential way to give your bathroom that finishing luxurious touch, why not check our showroom to see if theirs something you like.


The first thing to do when tiling a bathroom is check the walls with a level (straight edge) providing the walls are nice and flat we would then prepare the walls by sealing them with a waterproof tanking system, especially important to the shower area and other areas where damp may be a problem later down the line.Once the walls are prepared we would then proceed to tiling the bathroom by finding the middle of the feature wall.


Wetrooms are becoming more popular these days and with some creative and thoughtful design its easy to see why more people are choosing to convert their bathroom into a wetroom.


We would first check the level of the floor to make sure its flat and free from any diverts or bumps,If required we would then use a self levelling latex compound to make the floor even, Then we would fix a matting system into place, This protects the substrate from any potential water penetration, once installed we would then proceed to tiling the floor, Bigger floors running through many rooms would require more precise setting out we would use lasers to help align where each tile will be laid.



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Splashbacks are a essential way to protect our walls from water damage and other spillages whether they are istalled in the kitchen or bathroom. They add a feature and focal point when designed and installed well. A popular choice of tile for kitchen splashbacks are the metro tile based on the subway style. The metro tiles look amazing with a gloss finish and a wide range of colours fixed in brick formation.


In recent years we’ve noticed a higher demand for glass splashback installations. With their stylish and modern look, being easy to clean they are often used as shower surround instead of tiles. We also supply printed splashbacks weather it be for a company logo or something more abstractual.

Fully qualified and insured

Fully qualified and insured, we take pride in providing a professional and friendly service. Our staff will work closely with the customer from the initial quotation stages through to job completion. It is extremely important to us that your job is finished on time, on budget, and completely to your satisfaction.


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Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are produced by combining clay and silicas, and then firing in a kiln. Ceramic tiles are extremely popular for their durability and affordability. They are available in a huge selection of colours, shapes, and sizes. Manor tiling can provide and install both glazed and unglazed ceramic tiles. Glazed ceramic tiles are usually preferred for domestic use, whereas unglazed ceramic tiles are preferred for industrial or commercial use, or in any area with very high foot traffic.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are a form of ceramic tile that have been fired for longer and at hotter temperatures. This process makes the tile more dense and resistant to moisture, making them frost resistant, and therefore suitable for outdoor use in cold climates. Unlike traditional ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles maintain uniformity of colour throughout, making them more resistant to chipping..

Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta tiles have been in use for many thousands of years, and that many of these floors are still intact is a testament to the durability of terracotta. Renowned for their rustic, old-world style, modern sealing techniques make terracotta tiles a great option for flooring. Compared to other ceramic materials, terracotta tiles are warmer to the touch, which enhances their appeal for flooring..

Quarry Tiles

Quarry tiles are extruded through a die and a cut, creating a much tighter and denser body than tiles produced through other processes. Quarry tiles are ideal for high spillage applications such as commercial kitchen tiling, and outdoor tiling usage.

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are popular for creating elaborate patterns, such as those found on backsplashes or countertops. Our designers can help you to create unique mosaic patterns to give your living space an attractive and visually diverse look.

Natural Stone Tiles

The luxurious and timeless look of natural stone tiling is a great way to add value to your home. The natural variation in appearance in stone tiling ensures that your home will retain a unique look.


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